Styling Small update on my little exotic :)

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Styling Small update on my little exotic :)


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May 17, 2007
Hi, here are a few small things I’ve done to the car to make it look a bit better:
-painted the dash elements jet black with a coat of lack on top
-put a new steering wheel on I found on a boot sale for £2!!! (still waiting for the horn push from Ferrari)
-new MOMO pedals
-the standard fog lamp switch has been replaced with a red flip one
Next thing in line for the inside is soundproofing the entire floor, sides and roof, and I need a new carpet because the one I’ve got is a mess! so if somebody can get me one for less than £150(price direct from Fiat) I would appreciate:)
Outside we have got new front indicators (old one used to collect a lot of water and mould:/ )
And of course the new drilled and grooved OMP disc with pads (yes they really do make a difference)
I still got a lot of work to do on it so will keep you posted!






The discs and pads cost 69 from a shop on e-bay that sells OMP stuff, its called ybracing. To fit them I had to replace the locating bolts because I rounded them off :bang: got some new ones from Fiat. Discs and pads fit excellent, cool a lot faster and stop the car when I want them to :)
(y) (y)

Well, ish..​


:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p


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arrr i want punto sporting alloys! *jealous*

Where did that come from?? IIRC the top has has punto GT alloys on it and the bottom pics have Sie Abarth alloys. No Punto sporting

Someone correct me if im wrong:rolleyes:
I like the yellow inserts on in the dash Chrispyrice, might copy that from you;) looks like you realy pimped your boot, bet it mekes a nice noise:)
I like the yellow inserts on in the dash Chrispyrice, might copy that from you;) looks like you realy pimped your boot, bet it mekes a nice noise:)

lol. Yeah.. it does...

Shame im selling it though ay! Including the whole boot stuff ect..

Link -

Only 1 day left. If anyone wants it, its yours! Well, for a good price of course!

Buying a moped for work/parking purposes!! :( Shame, but dont think i can keep both!.
i have a full interior carpet you can have for a small fee, needs a good clean but i will vax it when theres abit of dry whether!
Sounds good :) post a photo if you can, the stains don't matter much as long as it hasn't got any rips, holes, cigarette burns and most importantly isn’t furry! Let me explain that one: it’s pressed when new and when used the material becomes less consistent and hairs start coming out. I got one on the net before and it was perfect a part from the furry-ness :cry:
ill try get a pic up asap for you, hopefully this weekend as i will remove it and give it a good clean n have a propa look!
hi, i was just wandering how you painted the dash black and the other extra bits yellow? what preperation did you use and paint. sorry about bringing memories back about your cinq now that you sold it lol. thanks.
sorry didnt have time to get the carpet out this weekend due to my alternator seting on fire, i will get it out asap but if your want to pick it up let me know when you want to come and ill sort it out for then.
cheers jack