General Slipping clutch after remapping

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General Slipping clutch after remapping


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Jan 30, 2006

I haver a remapped Stilo Multiwagon 100hp. The guy who remapped the eprom warned me that he probably wouldn't be able to push the engine as far as he could due to the weak clutch. He told me that he could normally go to +41 hp and + 71Nm. Eventhoug he smoothed down the 'torque' limiter map the cluch still slipped, he had toi remap it 4 times to get to the best compromise. Now in 5th gear at 1800 rpm the clutch still can't hold it when I push the throttle to the floor......
I was wondering I the clutch of a 155hp or 136hp could be fitted, so that I could let it 'fully' remapped.

I a mechanic would have some experience with this, I would be glad to hear some comment.


i have a jtd remapped to 155bhp, the clutch has started slipping in forth and fifth at around 2000 rpm on wards, i guess the clutch has warn out due to the fact it has not done this in the past 25,000 miles with the remap
I have a JTD 155 HP, I had the same problem with the clutch. That`s normal. Buy anew clutch-set, and you will be rolling the next 50000 with ni problem.
I'm impressed you've found an old post but it would be truly a remarkable feat to still be driving with a slipping clutch for 2.75 years :eek:

My standard clutch is fine with my remap.
Not surprised that the clutch is slipping TBO and its only a matter of time for all JTD owners ..its the torque that kills it normally and of course the owner now thinking he is Jensen button so he thrashes the car even more than he did previously :)..there are performance clutches out there for the car ..I think Bozzy had a link off stilosporting for one..Oi Argo do your moddly duties pleas and get that for me would you please there's a good lad..[pats on bum ]:devil: