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Silly driver

Sep 24, 2005
Kirkby in Ashfield
The other day coming back from meadowhall and came up to some red lights that went into two lanes. the right hand lane was full of cars so I went in the left one. Lights turned to green i went off and a 80 yr old woman in a VW bora was at the side of me, but as the front of my car was further ahead than hers I didn't back off.

then she got as close to me as she could and backed off and flashed her lights as it went into single a lane again.

Does anyone else get fed up of people who try to get 1 car ahead when a road turns into one lane?
I wish on some drives I could take a car that was a ghost car (Rigeistered to no one and Un Traceable) any driver who drove like a **** would get connected with.

Today on the way back from the scrap yard some old lady just decided to not obey the rules of a mini roundabout and pull out infront of me, she didn't even look she was to busy being 'hard' and staring out the other guy she had right of way over. :mad: BIG HORNS FOR HER!
Some people just don't get traffic islands at all :bang: I was behind someone at a mini-island here the other day and although they had right of way several times (once I started off and nearly went into the back of them there was that much room!) they just sat there staring at traffic coming from the left instead of the right. Divs.