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Mar 8, 2007
Left yellowmellow into the body shop today it will cost about 2000 to fix but at least ill get her back at the end of the week :cry:
I'm missing some thing here what happened ? 2K is one hell of a lot of body damage :eek:
Yes my insurance is paying as the young lad has changed his mind and wont pay up the 2000 is for the following new bumper new bonnet new lights new spots new grill and respray should have it by end of week:(
As far as i know thats all but will only know for sure at the end of week the young lad called me on my mobile and wants to know my reg what should i do i gave all my details to him on sat
Was this Ant1947 posting the pics for you??

seems strange that the lad wants your details from you again (i would be supprised if he managed to loose them) the law states that You must give your own and the vehical owners name and address, and the registration number, to anyone having reasonable grounds for requiring them Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 section 70

( i have the HWC on my lap)

Ring your insurance company and get them to get in touch with him/his insurance he might be trying it on with the help of his insurance company to try and make you answer a widely open question about the accident such as "Are you the person that crashed into me on xxxday?" you answer "yes" they then try to make it sound like your admiting liabilty Let the insurance sort it out thats what you pay them for.
Thanks mate im doing that now i have been told to have no more contact with them and they must not contact me again