Technical Should i change chain ?

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Technical Should i change chain ?


Nov 7, 2019
My Tipo 1.3D has been great. I have been warned about the danger of the cam chain tensioner failure on this engine. The car has done 110000 milees and engine performs well. There are no misfires and I cannot detect any rattling. 0w/30 oil changed on time and kept topped to full. Should I ignore the warnings and press on and have faith that the chain will last the vehicle life - as Fiat suggests? Unfortunately At 70 years old with no workshop facilities of my own (should Forum members recommend replacement of the chain). I will have to get the job done for me. The cost of the work might be beyond my means. Anybody know of a suitable/cost effective repairer in rural mid Wales. ? Thanks John
My daughters 06 Grande Punto chain failed at that mileage but it was before we bought it and had been neglected and then a failed tow start which broke it by idiots who if they knew what they were doing would have realised it was never going to start even if they had towed it a 100 miles at a 100mph as it was an electrical wire broken at the ECU ! :(
So hopefully if you have looked after it with regular servicing etc. driven kindly and not too higher revs putting extra load on it ;), you should get early warnings with a chain, of rattle possibly on starting before oil has got to the tensioner and chain etc.
I dont think there is anything that can be reliably rated as will last the life of the vehicle. Chains will normally rattle when getting worn although the new duplex ones are much less obvious. Any chain ratlles are a signal to do it straight away. With a 2006 car you could probably replace the car for not much more than teh cost of a chain so its a hard choice. Next step is to get a couple of quotes and have a further think.