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Feb 15, 2007
West Midlands
Hi, not really a tech question, but

shop4parts, website

But has anyone used this website, and if so has anyone had a problem with them, what is the service like?
they come pretty highly recommended around here, i've used them a few times and service is always excellent
your local motorfactor is almost certainly cheaper that shop4parts.
yep not to mention the rediculous delievery charges. Only wanted a can of oil and some screen wash and end up paying double with delivery added on :(. Needless to say I didn't order them.
ive bought a rear light for my stilo as mine was cracked, unfortunatly they sent me a light for the RH side rather than the LH side that i had ordered. I had to post the light back to them and re-order the light from the website again. To their credit they fully repaid my postage costs & refunded my money for the intial light order.The light arrived second time around without any problems, delivery was quick also. despite the initial problems i would use them again.
May investigate both shop4parts and motorfactor for a new pollen filter for my Stilo!
if you donate to fiat forum you get to see the donated members section, in there it tells you haw to get 10% off at shop4parts, with this discount they have been cheaper than my motor factors on many things, and ive never had a problem with them