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Technical Shocks and Springs

Aug 26, 2004
Nottinghamshire - Retford
I test drove a brand new Doblo 120 Dynamic last weekend and it is a fine improvement over the last model, though has become more car like inside, with less of the chunky feel to the interior, depends on your taste I guess. The new 1.9 multijet engine is though, definately a big improvement, very smooth, quiet and feels lot more eager to rev.

The one thing I instantly noticed though was the difference in handling compared to my 48k mile JTD ELX. Mine rolls like a ship in heavy seas and this new dobo, whilst no go kart, was a whole lot better on the corners.

Do you think they have improved the suspension set up somehow or that at 48000 miles its just time I replaced my shockers?!

Glad to see you like the new and improved doblo :) as long as they put the same shocks on as they did for the van version then your shocks should last another 50,000 miles easily. If they've compromised on this, as they did with the tyres, then they won't last as long as they'll be put under extra pressure with the weight. I would have thought that they have improved the suspension on the new one, so it would have felt a lot different. Probably not worth forking out for new shocks with little improvement. Do they look worn/damaged?

Only other thing I can think of if you want to improve handling is to buy aftermarket shocks :)
Thanks for that, I think your probably right about shocks. I've just fitted new discs and booked next service, so want to avoid too much expense.

Perhaps my rolling on corners has something to do with my approach speeds. My Dad digitally re-mastered it for me and often easy to forget how fast it now is.

New model Doblo was very nice, though dealer was unprepared to offer any discount as he reckoned demand was high!


Well, that's all part of the fun :p Give it a month or two and the dealers will probably offer discount!

Only other thing I can think of if you want to improve handling is to buy aftermarket shocks :)

Coming up to 170K now and have a saggy bouncy rear end. Can anyone recommend some heavy duty shocks for the back. It's always loaded.
I found some standard shocks online but am wondering if there are any gas assisted available?