shining/chroming alluminium plate?

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shining/chroming alluminium plate?

May 8, 2005
hay, i have an alluminium plate in my engine bay which i have been trying to make really shine.

i started by sanding it with 240 grit and its looking pretty good (y) but its taken flipping ages to do a tiny little bit and well it seems useless.

any one got any ideas? i tried using nail varnish remover and well it cleaned the dirt off a bit up takes alot.

can i just wash it with a scowering pad to atlease get the dirt off as i have used alot of sand paper.

Ryan Edge
What are you trying to do to it? I would use 180grit then 400 then 600 then 800 then 1200 & then polish it with some autosol!(y)
by a polishing kit off ebay mate, it will last you for ever. It will come with all of the grinding and polishing wheels plust the polishing compound to go with them and a comprehensive guide on how to do it. You can and will (with patience) get ally looking like chrome/a mirror, my dad bought one and is building a streetfighter (custom motorbike) and has done his wheels, casings etc with the kit and i'm still amazed at how good it brings up even casted ally!!!
If i've got some pics on the pc i'll dig some out as an example!!!