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Mar 20, 2007
Well i eventually sold my Brava, the thing that decided it was the fact it broke down 1 day before i was due to drive it up to Berwick for my holidays, which forced me into buying a Vauxhall Astra.

The injector light came on and it started driving lumpy, i managed to offload it onto another punter for £400, after which he informed me it cost him £350 to fix as 2 injectors had gone. He did know there was a problem with 1 of the injectors when he bought it, im not that cruel.

Just like to thank everyone who helped me along the way and hope you all continue having fun in your Fiats (y)
Gotta love injectors. Ive replaced about 5 in the last 2 months as the ones i put in blew. I have a sneaky idea it might have been the Bosch Super Plus 4's i had in. :bang:
£350 for 2 injectors, christ!! maybe you should give him the fiatforum address so he can save £340 next time it happens. :D

good luck with your astra (y)
feel free to come back and ask for advice if you have any probs with it.
Even tho i was forced i actually preferred the Astra to the Fiat, so i kept the Astra and sold the Fiat.

The Astra has just gone through an MOT too and passed with nothing wrong with it!!!! Result!!!!

Getting some Wolfrace Katana's to go on the Astra, its the 3 door model which i reckon looks sporty anyway, its not as fast as the Fiat as its only a 1.4 but hey, cheaper tax and more economical, you cant argue.
I had a lot of problems with the Fiat that i was putting up with, erratic idle etc.

It was nice to drive a car that didnt want to cut out at junctions and roundabouts lol

I still like the look of Brava's when i see em, just didnt like the one i had lol
Think that's the case of you had a bad car and a good one. One happened to be the Brava, the other the Astra.

Maybe see you back with a JTD in the future?
My bird doesnt ever want another Fiat ever..............but i may find myself a nice HGT sometime.................:D ...
i'm not afraid to admit that i was looking for an astra 2.2SRi before i got the alfa. with the GSi bodykit i think they look very sexy. the mkIV astra chassis is great thanks to lotus.

Yeah they are nice, unfortunately its a MK3 i have, will probably stick a GSi bodykit on and make it look like a GSi, its a really solid car, and is better to drive on motorways than the Fiat i had, the Fiats steering used to go all light and vague when i went above 70, the Astra is sure footed, cruising at 90 is no problem for it, and it sounds beefy even before ive stuck a K and N on it :slayer:
I dont suppose if anyone knows if other Vauxhalls door mirrors will fit onto a MK3 astra???

I am looking for a drivers side white door mirror and they are like hens teeth to find.
its hard to find a scrapyard that doesnt have a white mk3 astra :D