Servicing Schedule Reminders.

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Servicing Schedule Reminders.

Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
How many owners forget to get their car serviced?

Obviously can't take into account mileage but if you simply enter your approx mileage and age you could be sent a PM/email saying its the time of year to have the spark plugs and oil changed or when it gets to 5 years old that the timing belt is due?

Might just be the reminder some people need to book their car for a service or to get down to the motor factors.
Some garage web sites have mot reminders where you subscribe to it and it emails you.
People should either buy a haynes if one available or check their service records/manuals

IMO their own stupid fault if they dont get work done and it buggers up, or for buying a car with no service history for them to cross check

This is all common sense really
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