Serviced the tipo today

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Serviced the tipo today


Tipo owner
Oct 22, 2017
West Yorkshire
As per title completed a service on my Tipo today
Just the usual stuff oil filters pollen filter ect Alos took the plugs out and had a quick check on them been in two years and around 13k miles as expected they are nearly perfect apart from some surface rust around the bottom of the hex section they are iridium plugs so should be fine for many more miles

Also some surface rust appearing on the edges of the subframe and around the mounting tubes so slapped some grease on these bits to give it a little protection the cars now's 4 and Half years old

Also changed the gearbox oil for peace of mind intend to keep this car for quite A few years now unless something make some need to change it so want to take car of it and I think the age and 44k miles is a good time to change the oil whilst servicing it thankfully no sign of any metal particles in the oil

Only trouble is now my skin smells of gearbox oil as I'm sure anybody who has worked with it knows how strongly the stuff smells