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Dec 18, 2005
I have a 2004 stilo 1.6 dynamic.
I am not sure what level of service my car needs next.
My car has a stamp in the service book at 13500 miles, and the oil change box is ticked.
This service was carried out in september 2004.
The car now has about 23800 miles on the clock, and the service light has been on since I had it about 9 months ago.
What level of service is now required and how much approx should it cost?
You are overdue a 24k service based on time, the service should have been done in September 2005. You have invalidated the third year warranty, so contact the warranty company and enquire about revalidation, a fiat dealer will also be able to help do this. Cost wise for the service I would say £190 approx.
You should get your service done straight away, the service schedule if for 24 months, OR 24000 miles, whichever is sooner. You should ask for the 2nd year service. While you are there ask them to reinstate the 3rd year warranty. I was quoted approx £70 (fiat garage in tamworth, staffs) for it to be done, but I got the impression that forms have to be sent away.
Just double checked price £150 for service, dealer can look after you with reinstatement but a check needs to be carried out at the same time for condition of vehicle, this can be incorporated in the service.
On a slightly different angle, I have a 1.2 Stilo with 59,000 miles and full service history.

The problem is the car service computer calculates 4800 miles until the next service or 220 days (i.e the next service is due at nearly 64,000 miles). This goes against the Fiat service schedule of 60,000. Which of the 2 takes precedence?
Stilo service counters are reset by dealers when the service is carried out, its a fixed counter and can only be reset, therefore if the car has been serviced late on mileage or age then the indicator will always be out. Only way around it is to think ahead and have the service counter reset ahead of the service to bring the next service back to correct sevice interval.

FIAT service schedule always takes precedence, and dont forget Fiat now recommend cam belt change at 60k service.
Thats the odd thing, the service counter was correctly reset by my local fiat dealer at the last service, dead on 48,000 miles. However, in the past 5 months I have used the car mainly on motorways and the computer still shows 4,800 miles. I just wondered whether this was in recognition of the less stressful work the car has been doing.
Nope, Stilo does not adjust service periods due to type of use. If the instrument panel has been changed then this would explain the discrepancy.