Technical Serious Leakage!!!

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Technical Serious Leakage!!!


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Aug 13, 2007
showed a mechanic quickly before they closed he said it was near the flywheel????
coolant leaking by the way.
what can it be???!!!!
dnt think its the core plugs as you already know the stance on that :)
the leak is pretty severe tho as soon as i top up the coolant tank is starts to leak pretty seriously more like pouring instead of dripping.
taking the car to the garage this week to sort it out and the core plug business.
any more problems and im losing faith i.e any1 want to buy a punto ?? :)
well depends who you got to change them for you maybe they didnt do it right or one popped out

if you can see it pouring out surely you can find were it's coming from have a look at the thermostat under the coils follow the top hose from the radiator

or another place it could leak is the right hand corner of the alloy manifold were the actual water temp for ecu not gauge is measured manifold gasket can leak if car has been hot enough


here is a picture of the manifold to show you there are four inlet ports and 2 the right one more containing water from the head and to the right of that the blue plug goes onto the blue sensor plug you can just see at the top of the screen at the back of the manifold

the problems your having sounds like your car has been very very hot or completly frozen or just never had a coolant change in it's entire life you just seem to have water pissing out everywere

what kind of clip is on the bottom hose
reusable with a screw or not reusable
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not sure to be honest ima have to check and find out or take some pics if i get the time and chance.
wished you lived near i would take the thing to you myself :)
either way whatever it is im not too sure its something i will be able to sort out myself hence taking it to the mechanic.
just want a rough idea so i aint going to get mugged off