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Dec 26, 2004
i've tried to sell my cinq on ebay but even though i had 25 watchers it never came even close to a decent price.

How does everyone else rate ebay for selling cars?
i set a reserve of £750 and then lowered it to £700. If I have to lower the price anymore ill be taking my stereo equipment out and alarm!!!
ive tried for a couple of weeks, the only reason why im getting impatent is because ive been given my dads car and agreed to give my brother half of what it was worth by selling mine and he's kind of bugging me for the cash.
When selling anything you have to weigh up what you want, a quick sale but maybe at a lower price than you would ideally like, eBay provides this, 7 day auction sale done, lots of potential buyers, UK wide, but being an auction unless someone meets your idea of a decent price it will go unsold, otherwise sale is confirmed at the end of auction.

Or try to sell privately, by advertising in Auto Trader etc where it will cost especially if you want a colour photo and Internet exposure to get UK wide coverage and not local area, no guarantees on sale during your 3 week advertising period, maybe a few potential buyers and all the while you are paying insurance, road tax and MOT are getting shorter but ultimately if you wait long enough a sale will come at a better price but with more outlay.

As with anything, its not worth more than someone is willing to pay.

yep it certainly is. She's my pride and joy and wouldn't be sold if it wasn't for my dads car.
Sold my cinq for £1200 last year. Clifford alarm 14" alloys 40mm drop tinted windows powerflow exhaust. 6 mon MOT and 9 mon TAX. 80k on the clock.
Hes just resold it with 12 mon MOT and 3 mon TAX for £1250 hows that work
to be honest i was trying to get at least £700 because id need to spend another £199 to get the same alarm on my new car because parkers said between £770 and £1500 I thought it wasn't bad but there seems such variation. I keep toying with the idea of getting 12 months mot but it means spending more money that i haven't got.

If I still had the car in say a couple more weeks then I would think about dropping it some more.

Ive had loads of interest but there has always been 1 thing that put them off different with every person. weather it be the mileage or price. Maybe im being stuborn, when you know how much youve spent it kills you to see your pride and joy go for pitence.

To be honest I don't really need the stereo equipment from the car and really would be useless to me if i kept it. The alarm would be of much more use to me.

:( I was scared to put it up for sale in knowing what people may offer
im in the west midlands, the stripes have been on for 3 years. Ive put stripes on cars for 7 years. it's a me thing i think. Id drop it to £650 without the alarm and stereo i think:confused:

As at the moment it's still early days, but if the car didn't go I may consider dropping if the need arises

i'd have to leave the speakers in because the parcel shelf is covered.
i thought a lot of people liked that kind of thing. it makes it individual in this area
furby said:
i thought a lot of people liked that kind of thing. it makes it individual in this area

In my experience it limits the market. People will assume it'll be hard to remove. It sounds like a good car, but if you're not into stripes and assume you need to respray the roof, bonnet and tailgate to get rid of them it makes the car not worth buying.

When it comes to selling presentation is everything.

If they come off easily make that explicitly clear in your advert and say that you will remove the stripes if the buyer so desires.

I'd also consider taking some better pictures in daylight, and show the interior if it's nice. You say it has nice wheels, take a photo. If you know it's history, say so.

I'm not knocking your car, but the way it's presented doesn't grab you in a "wow I want to own that" way.