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Nov 10, 2006
Right guys ive told beau my plans, he didnt seem like he was payin attention but i want to do a Uno turbo next year, i think it will be good project for me as im at college studying mechanics and id like to do a decent rebuild to some degree:rolleyes:
3 weeks into my course now and ive already rebuilt my MT5 engine with new gaskets and bearings and a good damn clean out and oil :)

Any feedback on my idea?
Thanks gav :)
go for it mate. take ur time and insure it as and when. its not the mechanics u really need to worry about, its the dreaded rot and UTs are often alot lot worse than the standard models due to the hard life theyve led and the bodykit traps dirt and water in letting the sills and arches rot!

aha! one step ahead, i have a reasonably rust free uno :)
has slight rust in the usual places in the boot arches but not as bad as ive seen in others, a very minuscule amount on the rear arch! The under neath is ok but could do with a clean an waxoil thingy or whatever you call it lol
i would love to do a reshell for an uno turbo and keep the my little uno as and where it is and buy a cinq instead?
I need money haha luckily i have a job and get EMA from college so i can start to buy stuff :)
if you know urs is all ok, then drop a turbo lump into yours then as u say!

u need a complete engine including turbo oil cooler, intercooler all pipework, hoses etc, box, drive shafts, hubs, fuel pump, full wiring loom, dash clocks, a UT exhaust, UT fuel lines and you need to get a the little metal plate that bolts onto the standard uno shell where the gear stick is as you have to bolt the UT gear linkage on here which you will also need!

other things u might want to consider is the Ut steering rack as its a full turn of the wheel quicker than any other uno, UT brakes so u can stop lol, UT shocks (but i see u already have uprated so dont bother) and a UT fuel tank as its bigger and has a reserve tank but this isnt needed really if ur prepared to go to the garage more often.

i could sell u all the bits u need to turbo ur UT........but i wont cos theyre my spares :D lol

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Thanks for your help dunc, when i start you will be on of the first people i beware:D
Your UT is probably the best ive seen IMO (y)
I need to sort out my bike then buy some bits and bobs for the uno and then i will begin to buy parts gradually :eek::rolleyes:
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