Technical Selecta problem (?clutch... gunk in fluid)

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Technical Selecta problem (?clutch... gunk in fluid)


I drive an Astra.
Nov 29, 2005
My mum has a 97R Selecta with 81k. The car performs wonderfully at speeds greater than 10mph but is an absolute BUGGER in traffic at slow speeds... judder, squealing/grinding from gearbox region, no stalling but my left foot keeps hitting the carpet! Also the gearshift is well shonky to get from P-R-N-D. It's fine D-L.

Our local Fiat 'specialist', not a dealer but a mechanic, doesn't really know anything about the CVT boxes but has been having a go at it. He's twiddled with the linkage which was fine, and changed the fluid. HOWEVER, there was 'charcoal looking' gunk in the gearbox fluid filter.

This all shouts POWDER CLUTCH to me, especially the gunk in the fluid. Is it worth checking the brushes or does it sound like replacement clutch time? Anything else you'd suggest I can check myself (no ramps etc. but I know my way around under a bonnet) or can get the mechanic to look at? The car pulls away alright but is terrible when slowing down or creeping. Brakes have been ruled out (new discs and pads all round) and we've had various suspension bits replaced as well. Am I right in thinking the clutch is on its last legs? Could this damage the gearbox itself, and if clutch replacement is necessary can you suggest someone in the vague midlands area to have a look?

Annoyingly the problem is intermittent. It can be fine one day but shocking the next, it went to some guy in Newport and of course as soon as he got behind the wheel it was good as gold.

Many thanks,

Tips? Just replacement? Recommend someone to fix it? Franchised dealer? :)
That sounds pretty good... whereabouts are you? How long is the warranty? You agree this sounds like clutch failing?
yep sounds right, i have 3 in my workshop now, all fixed but with the same symptoms.

I have a car transporter so collection can be arranged, im in the midlands tho, Dudley,nr birmingham.

I can supply only but due to the amount of monkeys fitting these i carnt warrant unless i fit.