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Feb 26, 2006
hi...just thought id post a few pics of my ride :cool: very much a work in progress as iv only had it 3 weeks





still to do...alloys and suspension drop..35mm on pi springs.

please excuse size of pics...forgot to resize...:(
the pillows are for the off...i just purchased an abarth interior for my sx..:yum: ,complete with abarth headrests :cool:,pick it up wednesday afternoon...(y)

somebody help me ...i got the fever...:confused:
custard boy said:
turbo wannabe lol ;)

many a true word spoken in jest.....(y)

if you knew the stick im getting from my mates in the honda club...:D
far better to play along with them...
its a digital clock on top of the dash,and yes it does resemble an Apexi turbo timer,probly the reason i bought it...£3....and my local car breaker thought it was so funny to see me get out of the cento,that he donated the boost guage from a subaru in his yard...told me it would make it go faster...(y)
please take it as the joke its meant to be...(y)
my wee car is a record holder on DASTEKs rolling road in fife.its has the lowest bhp of any car they ever had on the rollers....:p :p :p so proud...(y)
im actually very happy with the cars performance on the has a high % improvment over stock and its great fun to drive...ilove it...:worship:
oh yes (y) oh yes (y) oh bloomin YESSSSS (y)

my new sporting interior is in...(y) seats with black bolsters

its transformed the wee to follow...:cool:
what about AVA in renfrew...i used them for my civic....and their "shot hit" when it comes to turbo's...(y)