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General Seicento rust in boot


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Dec 30, 2005
I am looking for a seicento for my daughter and the 2 i have seen so far have light rust on the inside of the boot at either side, the buying guide on this forum mentions it, but is it coming from the inside or the outside, will a rub down and a paint sort it?
im guessing as its on the inside of the boot walls, its just that thats effected, a rub down, and rust treating stuff and a paint should sort it (y)
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good chance its from the rear lights letting water in.
check the car over for any signs of accident damage though.
never be to picky when buying a car. If it was me I'd take a light scraper to the rust when in the boot, see how deep it goes. Also, ask if you can park it up on a kerb and get under, or jack it.

The only rust problems I've seen on the sei are around the crappy drain plug, under the pare wheel. You'd only know if you take the wheel out. mine is now majorly undersealed from beneath.

i'd be more weary.. does the car have a sunroof? the sunroof drains into that area, it is double skinned and the water goes between the two skins and drains out a gromet near the rear lights.

i have seen this closeup on gexs old Sei. To further inspect it, you need a torch, small mirror and need to unbolt the rear seat belt winders and looke between the skins - see how bad the rust is from the inside of the skin.
Sounds like a similar problem to mine. Although mine isn't that bad just small rust patches in the boot both sides like you've mentioned.. i should really sand it down lol!