General Seicento Roof Racks?

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General Seicento Roof Racks?


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Feb 11, 2006
Hi, anyone got a roof rack for the Seicento they find fits well? Occasionally I need to hulk around some large items that obviously wont fit in the boot even with the seats down ;). And being a student I'm looking for the cheapest rack around... Any recommendations? I can get a proper Fiat rack for £54.99 which is pretty good really, but wondering if anyone knows of any around that are cheaper/easier to get a hold of and that'll fit well?


well there is which also supplies fiat stuff although maybe not roof racks

Perhaps hellfrauds or the other motoring organisations may have a universal one that will fit

Im not hot on roof racks but i would suspect your resale value will be effected if you have a sei with a roof rack

TBH you dont see many on the road with them to recommend anything either.
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I have one that I think is an official FIAT one for my Sei. It works a treat, i use it to haul two bikes upto the lakes etc. Its a doddle to fit them.
I got mine for £20 from someone at my dads work. They do crop up on ebay from time to time.
Hmmm, ok thanks guys :cool: will check that site out and keep an eye on ebay.