Technical Seicento rear wiper motor

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Technical Seicento rear wiper motor


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Mar 1, 2006
Just purchased Seicento sporting ,found rear wiper arm not working(sprays water so assume not fuse).Any way of telling if wiper motor is broken or is it best just to replace.
Sounds like its had it

If you do need to replace, this is a fiat dealer part only IIRC im afraid, unless you can get one from another source i.e ebay, scrappies etc
Check the contact on the tailgate striker plates and if you can eliminate a faulty stalk a place near me sorts rear Fiat Wiper Motors so maybe worth a punt incase a donor motor goes pop in a couple of weeks after you buy it.

could be motor stem where it comes through the tailgate corroded and stuck, if i remember correctly it runs through plastic tube, corrodes and jams. if it is that be sure to fix it cos mine woz the same and theres still power going to motor once switch is opperated, mine melted striker plate on chassis side:eek: