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Oct 21, 2005
widnes, liverpool
hi guys

managed to snap my blue key in half at the weekend while away in the middle of staffordshire 100 miles from home. luckily my mates parents were bringing his new car down so brought the spare with them. so i need a new key. ive seen you can buy them off the internet but how much would it cost to get cut and linked? or would it just be cheaper to go straight to fiat and get one off them?

why did they make the keys so weak! :confused: :confused:


EDIT its a 2001 sei so no red key
Thatll be 50 to 60 quid job from Fiat only im afraid
Correct, they are for the older key type (with red key combo).

I myself only got one key with my 2001 sei, I just got a cheap key cut (so that if I loose the real key I can still get in and undo the steering lock).
and if I loose the real key I will just order one from fiat (they order them from italy off your chassi number).
The blue key which you snapped is a code2 key, your other key should have a 'C' and a triangle shape and a number 2 on it to confirm this, this key has all the imoobiliser information within it, your car will not start if you purchase this other key on ebay

However if your sei was made before approx 1999 then you can purchase the blue key on ebay as seis before that date were more likely to have had a red key
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wat numbers are on it? The symbols and numbers usually indicate that it is a type2 system IIRC, although you can deffo rule out buying that ebay key now
C265 is on all my keys as well, doesnt look like a code, maybe it is a type of reference number, and makes it easier for replacement of a new one for the dealers etc i.e dont give you a punto key for example its a code2 for definate though
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Hellcat said:
Timpsons quoted me £20 to cut and clone my Marea key, cutting from my red key and cloning a blue

These are code2 keys rob so there is no red key at all