Technical sei sporting spi - uno gearbox?

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Technical sei sporting spi - uno gearbox?


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Aug 11, 2012

I'd like to fit a different gearbox to my car, something with shorter gears (i'm fine with sacrificing top speed and shifting more often - it's a track car).
i did some research online and came to the conclusion that the simplest replacement would be a punto mk1 55 6-speed gearbox.

since they're kind of rare to come across, i had a look at other possibilities and found that the gearbox in polish-built 1.0 unos (we have a lot of those around here) would probably give me better acceleration, atleast for the gears i mostly use.
so, since the uno gearbox is a wet joint type, and my sporting one isn't, would the following combo work?
sei sporting spi car
2000 33kw uno gearbox
seicento 1.1 mpi driveshafts

alternatively, even just using the final drive from an uno gearbox would give me some improvement i think, but is this possible?