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General sei bumpers


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Mar 3, 2007
South wales
does anybody know if the SPI sporting bumper will fit the MPI model. as ive got two front bumpers im having sprayed up and i want to know if the SPI fits or not. ive searched the forum but havnt had a direct answer. just that the mpi bumper can fit an spi. and someone said it need modifications. but no1 has got a direct answer fot the question. so anybody??
SPI bumper doesnt look as good as MPI one IMO although anything is an improvement on an SX one
lol. well ive changed the indicators already. i think there both nice in there own right. but mk2 is really hard to get hold of. and i rang up a friend i know in a breakers and he said hed just got two mk1 sporting seis in one with rear end damage. one with front end. so i bought the good front and rear bumpers for 60 quid cash
vargain in my opinion. now i ahve the aftermarket bumper i bought off blu73 aswell. lmao. and a splitter for a mk1 non-sporting sei. now with sx mk2 fdront and rear bumpers. my dads guna kill me when he gets home. :)
:D well i fitted my sei mk1 sporting bumper to my sei mk2 sx. wota pain in the a'hole that was. i had a bump a while back. well sum1 drove into me. and it looks like the bodyshop fitted a larger radiator than before so the bumper took forever to wiggle round it. but its on. will take pics tomoz when i get me rear bumper on.
probably the 18yo bird on the side seing as hes now offered to go halfs on a lowering kit for my sei. prosak wouldnt do that to him. lmao :D