General Sei airbag fault? MOT?

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General Sei airbag fault? MOT?


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Oct 7, 2007
I have recently installed a central locking system to my fiat seicento sx. I have now completed the work but i now get the airbag fault light up when running. I disconnected the negative from the battery when i was working as well. Is this a MOT failure? and what could i do to clear the fault light?
no, it won't fail mot (y)

however, it may not deploy if needed :eek:

about £30 at your local dealer will clear it....most people don't have software for the airbag ecu on these cars :(

Read on the stilo forum that they just disconnect the airbag in order to get their airbag light off?
it won't fail so no worries there anyway.

also, the stilo and most fiats airbag systems are part of the main ecu...on the sei it was a "bolt on" so different to most. I didn't try disconnecting mine tbh, so maybe worth a go if the light bothers you.

could remover the whole airbag ecu unit if you like though :D in front of the gear stick under the trim. Do it with the battery off though!

All airbag ecus are completely seperate systems from the others on the car. Ecu needs to be read by examiner to be reset if that is all that is required. Disconnecting the ecu or airbag will do nothing, and no it will not fail MOT BUT it definately NOT deplaoy in an accident BUT may deploy at a time when it shouldn't. So get it checked out as there are too many things that could cause this problem to guess.
You can buy reasonably priced airback reseters for most other makes of cars, but not fiat. Somethings can really put you off owning a fiat...