Sei 3 21-01-06.JPG

Seicento Sei... About to depart (56k Warning mind)



Well its been a short and peaceful journey for my sei during my ownership but now she is looking at departing me... got two viewings scheduled today, one anytime now and the second going to ring me in a couple of hours and if its still for sale is going to pop up for a look

Never actually managed to get the pics to reflect the nice purple bumper inserts till today... :(

First viewing is from the sounds of it a car to see the guy inbetween cars, not sure if he'd be interested in forum tbh but will still mention it, second viewing is a guy wanting a car for his daughter, but either way FF will be mentioned and the ff sticker will stay on the car as well as on the numberplates :D :slayer:

Also decided wheel refurb on the cinq is going to be silver and if possible a slightly shinier silver :cool: :D
bye bye Sei. It did look good with the MLs on it, and that exhaust.. oo that exhaust. Good luck with the sale buddy (y)
:wave: goodbye little Sei, have a good life.

where did you get the plates done i love them (y)
cough *babysei takes credit for purple bits* cough ;)

All i will say is maryland cookie packets...
new owner didnt like purple bits tho :p lmao

plates were done by gt grafix :cool:

if i had the cash i'd have put the high boost in the sei :( but alas i dont :(
New owners seem like sound peeps :) guy used to have a strada :cool:

Now need to get this mot'd quickly :eek: and then they can come get it :cool:
Went with stickers on and forum numberplates :p but already had a call from guy :( only 1 locking wheel nut and cant find the key for it :( got two keys here, one is for turbo cinqs locking nuts and other i think is from the yellow one i scrapped, worth giving it a try though