Technical Sedici 4X4 1.6 manual(79kW) Cruise installation

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Technical Sedici 4X4 1.6 manual(79kW) Cruise installation


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Apr 12, 2022
Hi, have anyone installed OEM cruise?
If I buy the buttons on the steering wheel, does it matter if the buttons are (cruise or On/Off) type?
I found the Fiat OEM (71750268 supports cruise) steering wheel angel sensor, I think I need to buy that too, or is my old one ok?
Do I need a new switch in the clutch pedal and brake pedal?
Do I need to do wiring or programming? Or something else more?

Thanks for the help.


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Jun 11, 2011
I would like to tackle this mod too. I was unable to connect to the body computer through the AlfaOBD Android app as the first thing I wanted to do was to test the software and see if I could engage the cruise control through the phone.

Having failed that, the next thing to try is to take the steering wheel off and see how many signals are carried through the clock spring. If there are no free wires we would need to replace that as well. If there are some free wires, we should get ahold of the complete wiring diagram hoping that it includes the values of the resistors used for the cruise control buttons.

I don't know if you know it, but to save connections on steering wheels there is usually just a pair of wires for all the buttons (instead of a pair for each one). The circuit includes resistors so that when you press a button you close the circuit in a different position and the resistance measured on the wire pair changes. This way the computer knows which button was pressed.

Something like that: