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General Seat rail fixing.

Morty Mort

Jun 30, 2003
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I am about to mount a kid's (infant?) seat in the rear of the Stilo. Ofcourse it has 5 doors, and is already occupied with 2 of these seats. Now my baby daugher is going to use my sons seat the opposite way of the driving direction, and I need a mounting place for some external buckles.

Anyway, to make this story short, I need to remove one of the bolts in the railing securing each front seat to the chassis (those to the centre of the car) - to insert a metal plate for the belt fixing. These bolts are rather large hex bolts.

But I dare not to unbolt them, in case the nut in the inner side of the chassis isn't welded. I guess it is welded, but this could be a big job if not. Does anyone know if I can safely unscrew these bolts, insert my plate, and then re-insert them.

Ha! Yes you're fine. They're fixtures. You don't need someone underneath the car to remove the front seat rail fixings

If you're using just allen keys then you'll probably need an extension tube on them as they're tight
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Ah. Thanks.

On the hated 307 I had earlier (company car), I had to use a hammer drill :eek: to remove some similiar bolts (torx), but they were easier to reach.