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Ralf S.

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Dec 3, 2003
The land that time forgot
I'm going to try replacing the (RHD) driver's seat bolster in the Younger Mrs S'. Titch. The bolster is ripped through years of drivers' climbing in and out .. presumably studs in the back of jeans etc. catching on it, or just worn through from years of abrasion.

You'll be pleased to read that the stitchery will be done by a professional. :D

To this end I have obtained some matching fabric from a donor Cinq' passenger side seat (where the right hand bolster is pristine).

At the same time, I'm intending to replace the seat lifter surround, since ours has cracked and half of it is missing.

So... I need to remove the original seat cover without damaging it.

I can work out how to remove the remains of the seat lifter surround .. and I presume the knob on the lifter handle just pulls off (though seems to be held in with some plastic rivets?) but assuming I get that far, how is the seat cover (backrest) attached?

Do I need to take the whole seat out to do it? I guess so.. because how does the headrest come off?


Ralf S.
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Sep 2, 2019
I think you take it to the repair shop so it's easier.
Or change now Get a new seat too
More powerful as well, strong
More durable than the old one If you don't want to change, want to use the same message
To maintain the classic nature of the car
Find a store that only accepts It should exist.
If you make a mess again, finish sewing the cushion too.
Poor stitching, with disqualified privileges.
It will be only this much. Not much