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Styling Seat colour


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Sep 4, 2006
Hi, i basicly want to change the colour of my seats to black. they are a sort of blue and purple tarten atm, which i'm not all that keen on. wat would be the best way? not to keen on seat covers, coz all the ones i have seen look a bit crap. Also how much (roughly) would a set of black seats be?

also quick question regarding these interior spays that people keep talking about. I want to also change my door cards to black, does this spay stuff work and does it look any good?

seats, black? erm, not usually on punto's, they'er usually bright colours/patterns.

want black seats get a corsa.

you can fit seats from other fiat cars (like the coupe, stilo, bravo/a, marea etc, whatever takes your fancy, even leather, and heated seats).

spraying the door cards black = a mess.

best way to do it is black flocking material and glue/staple/attach by magic it ontop of the original material. looks good and won't take you too long. you can then also FLOCK the dashboard aswell (like rally cars/touring cars to reduce glare + protect your face if you suddenly become stationary).
easiest and ebst way will be to get some seats out of another fiat.

Theres an active sport interior in a scrappies in doncaster if its anywhere near you. There bucket seats with black bolsters and grey middles, looked in good condition (y)