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Technical scudo starting issue


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Mar 7, 2019
Hi everyone , first post on here and hope you may be able to help me.
I purchased a Scudo 2ltr JTD 2005 which has seen better days but would do me for what i need.
It came with starting issues . It would take upto 5 goes before it would fire up and each turn of the ignition the glowplug light just flashed once on off immediately.
I have changed the glowplugs and it started slightly better but after leaving it for a few days without use it now doesnt even want to fire over.
I have just purchased a glowplug relay and fitted it ,but no difference :(
with my limited knowledge of diesels I really dont know where to go next.

another thing when it has started it runs lumpy and smokes until warm,then its fine . the pipes ontop of fuel filter do have fuel going through them and i have checked the fuel cut out switch which had popped out but now pressed back in.

any advice would be most welcome as i havent a clue where to go next with it
Feb 16, 2008
Hi, I'm having a similar issue on our 2004 Scudo 2.0 JTD. It'll start fine when cold, but not when hot. It also then throws on a engine management light, which is a orange ''K''. I've also noticed the glow plug light, isn't illuminating. But as we've been lucky to have some warm weather, I figured it might be down to the engine being hot enough already.

Last year my dad's Doblo 1.9 JTD broke down in Wales, exact same issue's as you describe. Had a crank sensor fitted, which worked for a few days and then the Doblo did the same thing again a week later.

After a bit of thought, I turned my attention to the coolant temp sensor on the thermostat. It's usually either blue with three pins, or green with two pins. As there's two types, on Scudos I found.

Sounds odd, but it does tell the ECU how hot the engine is. Thus how much fuel etc.. is needed, if it doesn't work right it could over fuel the engine.

Hence the smoke & hard starting etc.. this seemed to resolve the issue so far ( touch wood ) on the Doblo. So I'm going to try it along with the crank sensor, on our Scudo and keep my fingers crossed!

The coolant temp sensor isn't too expensive, about £20 from a motor factors or less on eBay if you want to shop about.

Crank sensor about the same, I did read about issues with the fuel pump on these 2.0 engines. Hopefully not, as I dread to think how much a reconditioned one would be.

I'll try an update when I can, and let you know if it makes any difference.

Good luck with yours, and wish me luck with mine :D