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General Scudo chain/valve timing


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Sep 3, 2007
Hi there, I am new and I have a problem with a 2002 Scudo 2.0 jtd.

I had the vehicle towed into my premises but a disgruntled customer. It had the engine in the backwith the cylinder head removed. I sent the head away for skimming, valves, guides etc. and started to re-assemble. I have hit a snag though. The chain connecting the belt driven exhaust cam to the inlet cam needs to be set. There is two bright links on the chain but the only marks that I can see on the cams to align them to are the number '2' on he back of the gear.

I know that sounds complicated but if you have successfully carred out this task you will undestand.

Any Fiat technicians in the building?

Thanking you in advance.

Hi Charlie,
Did you figure out the timing on the chain? I've got exactly the same problem, Igot some info for a 2.2 HDI which showed 7 links between the dots on the sprockets. I tried this and it sounded bad so I think it must be wrong. Didnt hit any valves though as I turned it over by hand a number of times first. Mines a 2.0 JTD 16v 03 plate. I think the engine code is RHT not sure though. I'd be really appreceative if anyone can help.

Incidentally my cambelt broke which has also broken 10 rockers. Will the valves be OK? Anyone with any experience - I'm getting desperate now.

Hi Charlie, did you get it sorted? If so you may be able to help me. I have the same problem with a 2009 scudo 2.0 diesel there dosent seem to be an obvious way to set the cams up. The exhaust cam is timed up with the pin but as for the inlet side it isn't clear how to time it I put it all back together how I thought it should be but even though it runs it didnt sound good I'm 99% sure that I don't have any bent valves I've pressed them all down from the top and they all feel good and seem to seat right and I'm 110% sure I've put the new belt kit on correctly so it must just be the cam timing. If you can please help.

Hi having the same problem with the cam timing,as for the valves they do not normally damage only break the rockers,so try new rockers before taking the head off as i have done.mark:)
If any use I had a seized engine-cambelt went walkabout. One of the problems was that the sprocket on the camshaft had slipped round. Apparently these sprockets are only a push fit, they are heated before assembly. Being the RHW 16 v of course both sprockets had moved.