Scrapping a car? What to do with V5?

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Scrapping a car? What to do with V5?


Dec 8, 2005
I just sold my old Clio on eBay and they guy has just been round to pay for it and said he would be back later to pick it up. I asked him if he wanted the MOT cert and he said no, all he wanted was the suspension and the wings off it. He told me to write 'scrapped' on the V5 and in big letters accross the front and then to send it off. Do I not need his name and address?
Is this the right thing to do?
It's currently declared SORN.

Thanks :)
Haha very funny ;) I would have kept it only the timing belt snapped on the motorway :eek: Bent 3 valves :(
I do much prefer my Punto though ;) when I eventually get it back!
Yes ARC is right Ime sure there is a section on there for him to fill in and sign :)
I agree with Arc. Fill out the section to sign it over to him then once he has the new paperwork, there is a section for him to fill out for scrapped. If you fill it out as scrapped and he chooses to drive it round or do anything daft, you may well be held liable :)
stop yes you give him the green or red if he is trade bit of v5 and send it off like normal, you only put scrapped on a v5 if you brake the car your self then take shell to scrap metal yard(not breakers) if you take car to breakers they should take the v5 and give you a COD (certificate of destruction) the breakers PC is linked to DVLA computer that gives them the COD, if you don't get a COD you all ways sent of the v5 as normal
The guy wasnt trying to pull a fast one, you could do like he said but at the end of the day its not your responsibility. What if he decides to just dump it and deny all knowledge of it:confused: ? then the council bill for removing and disposing of it falls on you(n) .
Id just sell it like a normal car and just give him the little green slip.(y)
Wish youd ave told ff about the clio id have prob took that off your hands and slung a new engine in it in a few hrs:idea: .
Thanks Guys :)

Matt68: I would have mentioned it but thought it would have been swearing ;) I did actually have a new engine for it, also bought off eBay but just didn't have the time to get it in. When I bought the Punto I lost all interest in fixing the Clio up so it was just sat on the drive dying a slow death!