South Central Saturday 7th Oct0ber 2017 - Final Italian Car Breakfast Meet of 2017

Saturday 7th Oct0ber 2017 - Final Italian Car Breakfast Meet of 2017
Posted by solaris9988
The Departure Lounge Cafe
Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 01:00 AM
Until: Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 04:00 AM
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Aug 7, 2009
So the final breakfast meet of 2017 in on Saturday October 7th @1000AM. The Aug one we had 48 Italian cars, evey marque was represented. the meeting is again being organised in the same format. Its an informal meeting of Italian car enthusiast, we parkup, chat, admire the cars, and have a good breakfast(best to get in early before the queue really picks up lol!).

The meet will be held at 10am at The Departure Lounge Cafe GU34 4BH, just outside Alton in northern Hampshire.
It's open to any Italian car of any age, and we have had classics through to modern Alfas, Fiat's and Ferraris and everything in between. Attendees have come from across the southern counties, with enthusiasts arranging their own convoys from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, and Surrey or arriving independently.

The cafe is a great venue for a breakfast meet, as it has a large solid field on which the owner lets us park so all the cars are together and out of the main public car park (have a look at the photos from the last event ( and this youyube video -

There are few meeting points, for those coming from Southern Hampshire there is a meet at 08:30 in the car park of Sainsbury's at Junction 7 of the M27 (Hedge End), close to the petrol station, and then drive up in convoy.

There is also another meet in Newbury at 0900 in the McDonald car park McDonald - Newbury Retail Park, Pinchington Ln, Newbury RG14 7HU

So for the final one of 2017 we would love to see as many as possible, and hopefully have a new record of Italian metal there (48 is the current).
Please spread the word to other Italian marque forums or boards, and get those cars down there!! the breakfast is worht it!!

hopefully see you then



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May 16, 2017
Thanks Alan,

I'll be there again - last one of the year, so don't miss out, the August meet was brilliant. Look forward to seeing our Fiat Friends again!

I even made a poster with photos from the last event...



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Apr 27, 2011
Near the M4
and a too-busy weekend for me also..:eek:

probably driving 120 miles in the WRONG Direction friday night..:(

hope the weather holds for you, (y)

see you in the Spring..

:idea:if we don't get some other event in our meet area / region before Xmas



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Mar 16, 2015
Not sure I'm gonna be making it either. In London the night before with my girlfriend, and not sure she'd want to come to this the day after tbh. :p:(