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RWYB day out

alan wheeldon

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Apr 5, 2002
United Kingdom.
im trying to organise a day out at Santa Pod raceway on the 26th of May. it would give everybody a chance to meet other Fiat owners and there cars.

also you will have a chance to race your car (if you wish) on there drag strip.

it should cost about a tenner but i will need to look into it further.

would anybody on this forum be interested in going ??

please let me know so i have a rough idea of how many cars would be interested

cheers alan

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Hi there AL, its Big Al here mate i also left u a message on I could do with ya advice with modifying and details of how to get to the meetin in May.


speak to ya soon,

Allan Brown.
Hi again Alan !

As I said in the Bravo forum, u can count me in on this 1 :)

C'mon guys, let's c if we can make this a big day out and have loads of fun ! :)


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This idea has been kicked about a bit on the clubcento bulletin boards, and a few of us were keen.
I'd love to come, even though I'd probably set the benchmark for Slowest Time Of Day in my Cinq :eek:)
Unfortunately, 26th May is also the date for the Autoitalia Italian Car Festival at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire.... and Clubcento is gonna be there.

If it were another day, I'd come - as might a few other club members.


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Damn...that's an event i was planning 2 go 2.

Any chance of re-scheduling the Santa Pod meet ?


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Yea will definitely be interested in a RWYB event but as Pete says Clubcento will be at Stanford Hall AutoItalia that day.
Will be good to record some time with the Cinq on gas and slicks, guy i bought gas kit from reckoned sub 7s to 60 should be possible!
ive got a list of the dates and the 14th of july might be too busy because street racer magazine are there and they have comps all day.

ill find out if we could still get in or not.

they have a meeting there on the 4th of august but thats a bit too late for me because i wanted the meeting in the summer!!

ill look into it but the 14th july sounds good to me. how hany people could make this date ??? and dont say you have not hade enough notice, [:d] thats 3 months away !!

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sorry to hear about that mate.

why not pull a sicky at work then you will be able to go !!!

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Hi Al,

R u looking to change the santa pod meet to july 14???
that is a sunday it should be good for me, we should probably try the date on the site. As we can get people to meet up at the autoitalia meet and also this one!Hopefully by that time my car might look half mint!

Tell me, where is the raceway???


Allan Brown (Big Al)

my stupid computer has not let me on the internet for 3 weeks now, i nearly through it through the window the other day i got that stressed with it. i now have a big hole in the side of the comp from where i kicked it and my modem is a bit squashed from when i stamped on it.

ahh... the joys of modern technology !!

anyway, this RWYB event. if everyone is happy i have sorted it out for sun 4th of august, gates open at 8.30am

i will try to download a map on here when i work out how to do it, anyone know ??

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nice thinking that pete, nice one. saves me trying to work out how to put a map in one of my posts.

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unfortunately i wasnt able to make it to the meeting due to personal problems but i hope everyone who went had a good day out.

ill be going to auto italia at donnington and hope to see some of u there

sorry i couldnt make it again, cheers, alan