Technical Rusty Wheel Bolts, Advice please...

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Technical Rusty Wheel Bolts, Advice please...


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Sep 27, 2007
I have a 98 Seicento Sporting with its standard alloys. The wheel stud heads have become very rusty and look terrible. I think it was not helped by a dose of Wonder Wheels which may have stripped off a protective layer on them.
Anyway, I was thinking should I get a full set of new ones or try to clean these up.

1. What's the best way to treat the new ones to make them look good again.
2. If I should get new ones where can I buy them at a reasonable price? Anyone know the spec? M12x1.25 60 degree taper, 58mm long sound right?

Remove them, wire brush then, krust them and then spray them. Will need respraying after a few removals though.

You can get chromed caps for cheap that will make them look nice again.

New bolts are a bit excessive imho.

thread/taper is right, sure they are shorter than that though.

Steer clear of any wheels cleaners, they are acid based and cause rust, and over time strip the laquer.....elboy grease and preventaive measure to make cleaning easier is much better (y)
Thanks Kritip, good advice.

Any recommendation for paint? Normal silver wheel paint?
i'd try hammerite in a spray form. Brushing on may make it too think to get the wrench on, and hammerite is pretty strong stuff :)

The bolts are deep enough in the wheel that you can only really see the head correct? Painting the faces of the bolt is probably excessive.
Maybe, I'll have a look tonight and see but I probably may as well clean up the faces and krust the lot whilst I am at it to kill the rust and paint the faces if I have the studs off anyway as long as it doesn't make a socket too tight to get on.