General Rusting wheel bolts?

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General Rusting wheel bolts?


Aug 31, 2006
Anyone else suffering with rusting wheel bolts - my 100HP is only about 8 months old and already quite a few of the bolts are going.
Yes - my wheel nuts are rusting. The front ones are worse than the back ones...
9 months on and no discernible rusting of bolt heads far.:rolleyes:

Keep me posted on a cure or treatment........would like like to sort out the ones on my GTV if possible.

Or maybe we should go back to wheel trims.
Or maybe we should go back to wheel trims.

Very possibly if you own a Fiat Group car. My Alfa 156 is on it's third set of bolts... which has rusted even more quickly than the first two. I've given up and got some chrome-effect plastic caps from ebay. Look great and the brown stuff underneath helps to keep them securely in place....
If vehicle is kept outside all the time then things like this are likely to occur quicker than a garaged vehicle