Styling Rubber Mats for Mk1 Punto

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Styling Rubber Mats for Mk1 Punto


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Sep 22, 2007
Hi Everyone

Does anyone know where I can get a set of Rubber Mats for a Mk1 Punto please?

Thank you for your help

rubber foot mats?

i have some actually if you want to buy all 4 for £10 lol


thats the only pic i have of the mat in. they r all like that, so easy to clean and also help to wipe water off bottom of shoe if wet outside to stop slipping off the pedals!!

let me know. they fit mk1 and mk2 fine :)
Hi Doovydoo

Thank you for the offer, I might well take you up on it. I must admit that I would like to get myself a nice new set for my nice new (to me) Punto but if I can't then yes they would suit the bill.

Thanks again

ah sure :)

jus let me know!

im sure halfords do a nice set (overpriced of course though) or im sure a local market would do too.
bit off topic....but how did you get that neon there? i cant find anywhere under the drivers footwell to put mine. thanks
tescos rubber mats are £4.95 i think i fink the cheapest carpet 1s r £4.95 2

morrisons do carpet blue and black for £7.99

I have a 'just out of interest' question too...

Why rubber rather than carpet mats? :confused:

Hi Missey

I just prefer rubber mats because they are easier to keep clean than carpet ones. I live in the countryside and I seem to get lots o mud in the car somehow so with rubber ones I can just take them out and hose them down. Also I might have a latent fetisch for the feel and smell of rubber lol.

Thanks Mountainmachine and Dan in Dario for the tip about Tescos' mats, I will have a look in Tescos in Hastings.