Roof Rack for Pop 500 (2012)

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Roof Rack for Pop 500 (2012)


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Apr 29, 2014
Need to bring a large dog crate and can't fit it inside. Unfortunately it looks like the Thule roof rack is discontinued. Any recommendations/information on other options?

Soft racks are an option although we're just concerned about stability as we'll likely be driving interstate. I appreciate it!

Ask in the 500 section ;)

Thule products come in :

Bar :rail

Feet.. that touch the roof

Mounting kit : that ties it all together

Get the relevant part numbers.. and see what you CAN still buy :)
Well I'd have no problem driving it to Rome!

Car is in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

well if you hear of anyone, please pass on my details.

I already have a ;71 Lancia Fulvia coupe, so storage is a problem!
I saw there is a universal roof rack that is adjustable when it comes to the length so maybe you could go for that.
Dog crates fold up so it can probably be delivered. Check the parcel courier dimensions.

My bicycle was bought on eBay and sent by Hermes (others are available) & that's hardly a small package.
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