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Mar 11, 2007
Hi guys.
I used to have a '89 bella before tempting fate and investing in an '88 Lancia Y10. Needless to say ive now got a 205 Diesel daily run-about and out of pandas for a while. Im looking to get another Panda soon and was wondering what tax band they are now in? The car im looking at is a 93 (with cat I presume) 1000 CLX. Does this fall into Mr Browns loveley new band A or B (<£35pa) tax band?
Im a poor stutent so need to factor all the costs into my budget. Any help is greatly apreciated!

We own a Panda 1000 CLX and the tax works out £63.25 for 6 months and £120 a year. these old style pandas don't fall in the that sort of tax band. Cars like the new peugeot 107 & the Megane 1.5 diesel do. Sorry to burst your bubble mate. :)
Thanks for your help guys. Thought £35 sounded too good to be true!
Dont supose anyone knows what kind of emissions a panda typically produces??? Maybe we can apply for cheaper tax :devil:
I can only hope, although i know we dont pay excessive amounts but its still quite high seeing as our little cars get such good mpg. (well mine doesnt at 37mpg but its a 4x4)
They are echnomical but not by todays standards. Some new more powerful cars give far better mpg. Thus the tax won't get changed i'm afriad... The whole tax system will get ruffled again in 10 years or so anyway when they admit co2 isn't actually as huge problem as they say it is right now...