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Rivnut Gun


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Jan 12, 2004
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Not sure where to put this:
Anyone on here got a rivnut gun (different to a rivet gun) that they are willing to loan to me?

Specifically a rivnut gun that I can put M6 steel rivnuts in with.
It is for installing FIAT part number 15624411. Thus allowing me to have opening rear windows in my MK1 Sei.

Also for those wondering what a rivnut is and how it works Click here.

That animation shows a air powered one but i am only after a hand tool cos i lack access to a compressed air line.
dave said:
cant you use a bolt?

Nope cos its a blind hole, ie theres no access to the back surface because there the outer skin of the car is in the way.
rallycinq said:
I've got one, and use it regularly and I would lend it to you no probs, but can you wait until August till I am down your way?



Can u tell us where u bought it been trying to get one for years lodes of uses inc cars (y)
Like this?

Ebay?, nah, theyre only good for M5

Hang on a min....the rivnut screw onto a threaded section on the tool, and this is then pulled (without the tool rotating) to install the nut?. Then presumeably the bit needs unscrewing to free the tool up?

If so, couldnt a hand rivet gun be modified somehow? Their bores are fairly large so would probably accept a big diameter part to pull...
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