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New Feature Restoration/Rebuilds Section

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In my never ending quest to find new things to update on the forum, I've decided to convert all (or at least start, will need the mods and all you guys help to find everything) the restoration/rebuild threads into garage items. Rather than mixing them in with all the normal vehicles however, they will go in a special section meaning you can now easily find everything being built all in one place :D

This is cool as it allows the restorer to use the updates feature (to keep everything nicely logged) as well as having the gallery, so you can quickly see all images in the build in one place rather than needing to scroll the whole thing.

As usual, we leverage the power of prefixes so the threads will also stay listed in the relevant model forum - don't worry, they won't all get lost!

I've moved all the easy to find ones that were in the garage already so you've got something to see, then expect others to converted over as they are found :)

See them all here (with the linked discussion forum here)