This is a simple process for both cinqs and seis

To make life easier you may wish to remove the bumpers.
This is assuming the bumpers are off the car.

  • Turn the bumper so you can see the back of it
  • There should be a ridge in running along the centre of the bumper which is where you should find several small screw heads (posi)
  • Unsrew all of them and the inserts should come away.
  • Spray any colour you fancy. Remembering to laquer them before refitting.

For the vent hole/ornamental gasket as fiat call it.
the screws are visible from the rear but are a little more fiddley to remove.

The rear strips can also be removed on the car with the rear end jacked up.

if the bumpers are to be removed its better to soak the nuts/bolts for the fixing points in WD40 or similar the day before as they often get seized.

thanks to little red devil