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Technical Remote central locking upgrade Kit


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Dec 23, 2005
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I couldn`t find an appropriate forum, this one was the closest.
I bought the Fiat remote kit for my mk2, to remote control the central locking, and the instructions aren`t the best. It is part number 46001874, and the kit is wired into the fuse box area gubbins. Has anyone else installed this, and could give me a few pointers please? Or a website with instructions?
I appreciate your help alot.
if the little box is yellow then its the mk1 punto remote kit, the part number for the mk2/3 remote locking kit is 46001554
Looking for one myself, local dealer says only 46001554 fits my mk2 but it seems this one does too, I'll attach a pic of the one that my dealership says will work.
Can you take any pics of the one you got and also what does it say in the manual?


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Manual shows front and rear views of the fusebox in the car. Says the fusebox is to be removed, and a supplied wiring is to be attached to car in 4 places: Put behind the dash as an antenna, and in 1 pin in 3 seperates connections in the fusebox, Then plug that 4 wire wiring into the supplied door lock relay box, then position the supplied box in between the car`s existing wring and car`s existing door lock relay box.

Just a update, lastnight I messaged everyone on eBay who had bought that item going back to November asking how they went on with it. Had a few replies in my inbox this morning but only one relating to instillation on a Punto, more will come in time.

"Yes,it was o.k. you had to remove the main fuse box under the drivers side dash,to remove some push in plugs,the new control unit comes with a plug and socket arrangement,you remove one plug and fit another in its place,you have to scotchlock two other cables and pick up an earth connection,all detailed on the instruction leaflet,it took me about an hour and a half I suppose. "

Hope this helps
Thanks very much for taking the time to help me
I e-mailed a guy who bought one on ebay too, am waiting for a response
At least now i`m sure i have the right kit lol
Thanks again friend (y)
Happy to help. One person says it took 30 mins and someone else took 45 mins, and they all say it isnt that hard, I'll probably be buying one of these too so please do tell of your installation progress.
Just got a reply from my ebay helper.
"The brown antenna wire doesn't connect to anything, you need to route it up in to the dash board some where, the longer the run the better the range. I removed the dials and cable tied the end behind them. As for the other wires the diagrams tell you which wires to connect them to on the fuse box. All the fuse box connectors are labelled with two letters, which correspond to a diagram showing the locations. Where the individual fuse box connector(s) are show there will be numbers identifying the cavities on the connectors, these numbers are also printed on the connectors. I.e. if you need to connect to the wire in cavity 16 of a connector, you will find that the cavities at either end are numbered (both on the diagrams and on the connector), say 10 and 20, all you do is count allong to 16 and thats your wire."
Sounds easy enough
I got the kit for £28 because the bidding ended at like 9am during the week when most people were at work. Am well chuffed, I`d seen them go for 50-60 quid every other time, and they cost £80 from a dealership
Will keep you posted on the progress, and if you drop us an e-mail when you get your kit i`ll be happy to help you out :)
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Got my remote locking kit off ebay for £25, I won it yesterday, the buyer hasnt got back tho on how to pay.
Hoping it will come this week
I hope it wasn`t one of them universal ones that go for £25 on ebay. I have spoken to a guy who bought one and he said it looked a nightmare to fit
My kit is now fitted and works a treat. It is real easy to do if you do look at the numbers on the fusebox connectores, as these refer to which pin is what, and the instructions show the numbers on the pins,so you can`t wrong. The hardest part was putting the fusebox in. There is JUST enough room, and that`s after bending it in all angles lol
The range is unbelievable, I was in work having a fag in the rest room, and I could work it from inside the building, 6 cars away, with me hand in me pocket :slayer:
It also flashes the indicators. Once for locked, twice for unlocked.
I Am chuffed to bits
No its the genuine Fiat one from the link you gave me, thanks once again for the link, wouldn't of known if you hadn't of said.
I was about to ask if the indicators flash, thats so cool!!! It will probably add some resale value to the car.
Do you have to put the aerial wire in the dash? if so do you have to like take the dash off and faf about with that, or is it all under the bonnet?
If it is a genuine Fiat one, from a dealer, then you will have to phone them up with your credit/dedbit card. Or send a cheque or Postal order. The dealer I bought mine from has no PayPal
For the antenna, you just take off the speedo etc dial surround, then unscrew the dials themselves. Is a dead easy job, with plenty of room to work. Use some smaller sized tie wraps to tie it to the speedo etc leads.
And make sure that before you connect any wires, make sure that when you put it all back in, there won`t be any wires sticking out because you have wired them around the lower part of the dash where the fuse box reconnects :eek:
I've only just clicked in, so its the internal fuse-box not the one under the bonnet?
That will save some hassle!!!
Thanks again, should get it tomorrow, cant wait!
As I said, the hardest part is the fusebox, you need to be a brain surgeon to remove it. And a bloody nuclear physicist to get the bloody thing back in lol