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Thomas P

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Feb 15, 2003
United Kingdom.
Hi everyone

Can anyone advise me re the above?

I have had the car for ages with no key problems The car let me down the other day (fuel pump). I took the car to my local trusted garage (or more accurately was towed there) and they repaired the pump for me. This entailed removing the tank from underneath the car, on the face of it nothing to do with the key.

The problem is that the key was working fine before the repair and not afterwards. I haven't asked them if they disconnected the battery (if that were to make any difference to the key) and when I discovered that the key wasn't working he put it in front of some kind of sensor he had in the garage and the sensor did not register a signal from the key. I have changed the battery in the key with a correct type replacement.

The car is a Wreg Ulysse 2 litre (1997cc) 8 valve JTD S. The key works with regards to the ignition sytem and the car runs fine etc.

I refuse to go to FIAT who are an awful company to deal with and charge excruciatingly high prices for service of a questionable standard (well, locally anyway).

Does anyone know who might repair the key or what the problem might be?

If it is expensive then I will revert to that very old traditional method of using the key in the lock!

All suggestions welcome
Thomas P
I take it the locking is the only fault? Try this put the key in ignition dont turn yet. hold lock button down on the remote and turn key from off position to ignition positon (were the lights come on only no engine start) Keeping the button depressed. leave for 2-3 seconds keeping button depressed turn back to the off position release locking button. Do this 3 times. It works on my 54 plate after the battery failed. Hope this helps:)