Remote Central Locking cables

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Remote Central Locking cables


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Oct 7, 2007
I have recently bought a remote central locking kit for my Seicento. I have had a look at the main unit and wiring diagram but I'm unsure where two cables connect to as it doesn't say. These cables are:

Red/Black - Positive trigger
Pink - Negative trigger

Does anyone know where these two cables connect to?

when i wired mine up i put the red one to the battery(+) and the negative one to a bolt on the car
Fiat has a negative trigger central locking-meaning that switch in door for locking uses -(minus) for activating or deactivating door lock.
So use negative trigger wiring diagram, find wires in door that goes to locking motors, check which activate lock and unlock ( usually white and white-black wire color)-and thats is.
the wires you require are down in the passenger footwell. Remove the plastic trim to the left of the footwell just infront of the door. Behind there is a load of wires. If you do a search in the Sei section, it will tell you which wires to connect too!! If you dont have any luck, ill taqke a photo for you when i get home!