rejecting fiats?

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rejecting fiats?


just frank
Jul 25, 2005
west yorkshire
ive heard stories that if your fiat develops the same fault three times you can reject the car! is this true? could someone please shed some light on it as i may be in this situation sometime soon! :confused:
uno_94 said:
why would you need to know? no one would ever think of rejecting there fiat :cry:

when you have had three turbos, a new engine, an exhaust manifold AND the fault is still there on your 6mth old car you may consider it ;)

(hmmm grand punto 130bhp jtd :chin: )
this applies for any car, have a look at the trading standards booklet on cars, available on their website. you may not be within your rights to reject the car.

you have to put in writing to your dealer that you are rejecting you car on the grounds that it is not fit for purpose, and both parties have given reasonable time and effort (this is required by law) to repair it and it is still not fit for purpose, and for this reason you would like to inform them you are rejecting it outright and they should contact you within 7 days to let you know how to proceed.

have a look online for template letters, and have a good read of the trading standards leaflets. make sure you are convinced that you are eligible to reject it before starting as it will save a few letters and phonecalls...
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I rejected mine two weeks after owning it and it became a nightmare two months, but I won & got compo in the end. At first they treat you like dirt and expect you to just go away!

Main things that worked :-

You have to cease using the car when you tell them you are rejecting it, tell them it is now garaged/safe on your drive and will not be used by you anymore. Tell them you will now start using hire cars when you need to travel at times you would have used their car, and you will will be requesting full recovery of these costs in any future settlement / court case.....I was told this was a major point scorer....although I didn't risk using any hire cars, imagine paying for all that and losing!

Demand a full refund from the start.

Tell them you will be writing to the National and Local media, car publications in however many days you give them to meet your terms if they fail to do so. I contacted a local radio consumer programme and had a slot lined up for the Monday, but had to pull out when the dealer paid up on the Friday.

Depending how much your car cost it is very risky taking them to court in a claim over £5k as if you lose you could lose big time, but not many manufacturers / dealers would risk it going that far. I was prepared to take out legal insurance for if I lost and stand the £800 costs to get it to court, told the dealer I had plenty of equity in mortgage to see this through to end, a lie obviously, as I wouldn't have risked £ks!! but you have to make them see you are prepared to go all the way if need be.

When you send the rejection letter include the timeline of events of the cars history as this will remind them how bad the car is and what type of evidence you would take to court and send to the media.
Front door slightly caught seal when shut, removing an inch of paint from both, we're only talking less than a mm out of line to not contact each other. Car was therefore misaligned and indy report said A post fitted incorrectly! They put some spacers in that moved door out slightly, which fixed the problem, but this was just a short cut to fix a car put together wrong in my opinion.
if its something major like the shell (a pillar is part of shell) it cannot be put right, it can only be fettled to make as good as, which when you are buying a new car is a load of cok, you should get a 'new' car. which should havepassed its quality control.

Our dispute was with audi, we bought a brand new 2001 (well back in 2001 obviously) 3.0 a6 avant quattro, cost quite a bit over £30k, it was two weeks late when we picked it up, we had a quick look over the car and said yes its fine, as we thought there isn't going to be anything wrong with it, why are we looking at this car why can't we take it now. So we signed and we took it. Got it home and as we walked back down the road to th front door, looked back and noticed that there was a load of paint missing from the front bumper :eek:
Hadn't been anywhere but the dealership for a long drive (its 30miles as it is, but we took it for about 2.5hours!) and home no chance for any parking mishaps.

Basically when they had been moving cars around the dealership car park someprick had driven into our brand new car (a customer later caught on cctv) and driven off. This was before we signed the form. however if it had been the dealers fault we would have had to take them to court as technically we had accepted the car in its condition. But as it was caused by a customer the dealerships insurance interviened technically before that point in time (maybe an hour or so in it!) so their forecourt insurance covered it. They came and picked the car up and gave us a poxy A2 as a courtesy car for three weeks!! Car came back and they said they had put a new bumper on it and sprayed it! Not likely it had been touched up in a colour that wasn't even metallic (its met graphite) looked terrible. So we rejected that, where upon they resprayed that bumper to a perfect match (perfect match) however they obviously had used same bumper as it showed thru (the grated plastic). So we rejected it again, where upon they sent it back again with a new bumper also sprayed (from box fresh) but it didn't match, it was about the same difference as my amatuer sprayed punto bumpers!!!!:eek:
Eventually they sucombed and despatched us a new car from factory to same spec that had all been sprayed in factory to the correct colour! And I believe they had to crush the first one:cry: as it had not really been registered or it was faulty goods etc. Anyway whole process took over 3months, and when the new one came there was a scratch on the inside alu trim panel (a £450 option over platic or fake wood) on above inside drivers door handle, We got that £450 back but never repaired it.

Basically we went thru hell and back and the audi dealership almost the whole time were like, "well its near enough, its not like anyone can tell", when you have just spent £33,000 on a new funking car!!!!!!
I am in the process of rejecting my Punto. It has been back and forth to the dealer more times than I can remember. The problems are

Rattling rear end - which is loud enough to be heard over the radio
Airbag failure
Dashboard dull and scrathed - second dashboard as the first had a large gash in it
Bonnet different colour from the rest of the car - -as confirmed by another dealership
Clutch pedal rubber slips off - alarming when approaching a junction
Radio switches itself on and re tunes itself - this happenms when the engine is switched off as well
Climate control system doesn't work - just pumps out constant heat or not at all
Boot doesn't close in cold weather.
The Excessive Speed indicator stays on even when car is stationary and this feature isn't even included on the car!

There were other things wrong but they did get fixed. Bear in mind this was a brand new 05 car purchased on 1st March, 05!

The dealership are still arguing the point stating that they can fix the issues, well they haven't done a good job so far. The car has been in already for these issues.

I am at a loss why it should be so difficult to return a car. Any other producty you take back to the shop and they refund or replace.