recomendations for bumper blackening please

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recomendations for bumper blackening please

Oct 11, 2003
buxton the land that time
ok sums of you may know me mum just got an N reg fiesta anyways its base model :( lol and as the biggest standing out un colour coded bumpers ever lol. they are extemely grey.i assume that they use to be black. sooo im looking for recomendations for bbumber blacking. you know trhat stuff you can buy that you put on. .. i jave never used any of these and they all claim to be teh best soo which one is ?
Car plan black trim wax

Always used to use it on my mk1 punto with black bumpers :eek:

Can get it in hellfrauds for like £4 i think
no joke but shoe polish does the job and lasts longer than all of the car products
rallycinq said:
Oh yes, the slight abrasive quality removes any stuff in the plastic and the oil leaves a lovely sheen.


what about all the dogs smelling around it and peeing up against it?;)
I have used this and found it excellent!!!


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Engine oil works brilliantly. This I discovered a while ago when I lifted the cylinder head out and it dripped oil all over the bumper, it came up beautifully when I wiped it off :D
Years ago you could buy a paint for the plastic bumpers, Halfrauds would likely have it.

I'm surprised that as it's a Fiesta, no-one has suggested burning them! That'll turn them black! :D
vaseline is pretty good - although ive heard it aint too good for ya bumper ;)