Technical Rear washer/ wiper problems

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Technical Rear washer/ wiper problems


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Oct 7, 2003
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My rear wiper is making a funny noise, why?
The motor is failing :( But how to solve it?
grease the motor and wd40 the relay and wiring connector. that can put off failure for a while, although its inevitable and very common for the rear wiper motor to fail on bravo/as.

The rear washer isn't working, help?!

open the boot and remove the plastic panel on the back of the lid.

(under the rear windon)

you should see the pipe . usually they just fall of the end.

i need to do mine at somepoint (when i can be bothered)

use a bit of glue or tape to keep it in place and secure ;)
The rear pipe is located behind the boot lock cover. If you lift your boot up you will see 4 philips screws holding this panel on (Bravo only - keep hunting as there are a few more on the Brava - Helz). Remove them and then gently unclip the plastic cover. Underneith you will see the wash/wipe motor and washer pipe. If the pipe has popped off you will need to remove the wipe blade (1x8mm bolt iirc) and then remove the motor (3x5mm allen key iirc). Once you have done that you will be able to lower the motor out and then reattach the pipe to the housing.

The rear non-return valve could need cleaned or replaced. You will need to unbolt the fuse box (passenger side engine bay) and then pull the bulkhead covering down to get your hand in behind it. You will see a white pipe that joins into a black pipe with the non-return valve.
The water pipe fits onto basically where the arm comes thru the glass, Best is to removed the motor and you will see it!

I think it is 3 allen key bolts and remember to remove the arm by clipping off the plastic bit and using a no 10 spanner to removed the bolt then the motor and gear bit will come off. Not that tricky just a few rubber washes to be weary off.

One of the connector bits will need to be replaced for the water to come thru, just look in your engine bay and follow the pipes from the water bottle.
Hope this helps!!!

Will it fail an MOT without a washer/ wiper?
dont need it for MOT, many cars dont even have one.

The rear wiper has given up the ghost completely, now what?
It's a VERY common problem. Before replacing the motor, do check the fuse and boot contacts. Replacing the wiper motor costs about £10 from a scrapyard (if you're lucky enough to find a working one :)) and 15 mins.
Yup sounds like a new motor, scrap yard is cheapest, Brava/o (and Marea Weekend - Helz) interchangable.
Punto is...

Mk1 is same motor and main gear as bravo/a marea. The spindle is different.

I've got a punto one on my brava - works fine, motors were identical, only difference was the electrical connectors were different so I just bodged them together.

Still having rear wiper problems?
i would investigate the contacts on the tailgate, make sure they're clean. then i'd check the wiring inside the tailgate by removing the plastic trim. also try getting the wiper to work by wiring it direct to the battery or a known good live and earth.

Never mind all that, I only wanted to know what to do when the rubber bit wears out!
i only replaced the rubber strip. its the cheapest way to do it. at wilkinsons you'll get the rubber strips very cheap (99p iirc). you need to chop it down to side but its easy to fit.