Technical Rear Subframe Mountings

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Technical Rear Subframe Mountings

Fiat Punto MK 1

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Feb 6, 2006
Hi all, I am new to this site and require your help.

I own a MK1 Punto 75ELX. I have been having problems with the rear end, mainly clunking.

So far I have replaced
1, the driver’s side Swing arm (that sorted out the heavy clunk)
2, the front bushes (Modified set) on the rear of the subframe.

The last one did not fix the clunking problem and I know that there is also a rear set on the subframe. I have spoken to a couple of fiat parts shops and both have informed me that you will have to replace the complete subframe, as you cannot just replace the bushes.

I am getting very worried that it might cost me upwards of £300 to fix this problem and I can't justify spending this sort of money on a car this old.

Please please can anybody offer me some advice? Is there a fix for this? Or if I do have to replace the subframe, can anybody tell me how big a job this is (i.e. can I do it) and where I might get the parts from cheap?