Technical Rear light cluster condensation

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Technical Rear light cluster condensation


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Sep 22, 2005
Does anyone know if condensation in the rear light cluster is covered by warranty?

Car is still in the 2nd year of warranty...


Oh anyone in the North East who needs a good service...

Travelwise of Consett, can't praise them highly enough.

Like a different car after a 2 year service (2004 3 door JTD)

Really courteous and the initial quote of £170 changed to £165 and ended up as £158.

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I had both my front lights changed under warranty due to condensation. This was in my 2nd year warranty too!
I therefore don't see why rear lights would be any different!
Give your friendly FIAT dealer a call to find out!

Hope this helps!
hmmm ive got the same problem, going to sound thick but what causes it?
thankyou kindly, its going in next week to get central locking looked at, best ring them up about this aswel!
If you have changed any of the bulbs yourself, then this can contribute to it. Unless the light cluster is properly re-assembled and the internal nuts are tightened fully then condensation will inevitably get in.
mines all booked in, so will let you all know how it gets on!
wotnowarninglight said:
Reflector going at the bottom of me near side rear fog light... condensation issues missed by previous owners me thinks :(
If you're talking about water actually getting into the light unit then I've had that and it's not that difficult to fix.

Here's how